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Milos island

Kleftiko - Karamitsos Windmill


A magical complex of volcanic rocks accessible only by sea.
Sarakiniko - Karamitsos Windmill


The famous and unique lunar beach of Milos.
Paliochori - Karamitsos Windmill


The scorching sand will amaze you (65-92 degrees Celsius)!
Tsigrado - Karamitsos Windmill
Access to this beach is only available walking down a narrow pathway, holding yourself from a rope. The crystal clear water will pay you off for sure though!
Triades - Karamitsos Windmill
A complex of three beaches in the west of Milos. The landscape is unique.
Theiorichia - Karamitsos Windmill
Combine your refreshing dips in crystal clear waters with one the most impressive geological attractions, relative to the rich mining history of Milos.
Alogomandra - Karamitsos Windmill
The turquoise-water pool of Milos!
Kastanas - Karamitsos Windmill
Rocky beach with crystal clear waters reflecting spectacular colors, in the northern part of Milos.
Papafragas - Karamitsos Windmill
Crystalline waters of changing colours welcome the visitor and invite him to enjoy their coolness.
Catacombs - Karamitsos Windmill
Paleochristian monument
War Refuge - Karamitsos Windmill
War Refuge
War Refuge in Adamas from World War II
Archaeological Museum - Karamitsos Windmill
Archaeological Museum
A copy of Milos Aphrodite is displayed here. The original statue is in the museum of Louvre in Paris.
Folklore Museum - Karamitsos Windmill
Folklore Museum
Traditional life is presented within an old town house.
Mining Museum - Karamitsos Windmill
Mining Museum
The museum features exhibits from the mineral resources on the island, its mining history and activities from Neolithic era until today.
Ancient Roman Amphitheater - Karamitsos Windmill
Ancient Roman Amphitheater
Made of marble the theater overlook the sea and features excellent acoustics.
Day Cruise - Karamitsos Windmill
Day Cruise
Enjoy a day cruise with “Thalassitra” sailing boat (tel. +30 6999636264)
Diving - Karamitsos Windmill
Milos sea bed boasts a rugged and unique beauty. Explore the underwater world of Milos with the diving school of Ioannis Havakis (
Hiking - Karamitsos Windmill
Look for Michalis and trust him for a hiking tour around Sykia or Kleftiko. Let him guide you in the ancient town of Klima. (tel. +30 6944202131)
Sea Kayak - Karamitsos Windmill
Sea Kayak
Thanks to its volcanic nature, Milos features an impressive coastline, sea caves and tunnels, ideal for exploration. Sea Kayak Greece is ready to help you out! (
Milos taste - Karamitsos Windmill
Milos taste

Don’t leave the island, unless you have tasted the pitarakia of Milos (small pies made of handmade pastry filled with cheese). Other divine local delicacies include karpouzopita (watermelon pie) and a traditional sweet served in weddings called koufeto (bon bon) made with honey and almonds.

Before starting your trip back don’t forget to take some local products with you, such as dried tomatoes, caper, rock samphire and tomato paste.