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Crystalline waters of changing colours welcome the visitor and invite him to enjoy their coolness.
Catacombs - Karamitsos Windmill


Paleochristian monument
War Refuge - Karamitsos Windmill

War Refuge

War Refuge in Adamas from World War II
Archaeological Museum - Karamitsos Windmill

Archaeological Museum

A copy of Milos Aphrodite is displayed here. The original statue is in the museum of Louvre in Paris.
Folklore Museum - Karamitsos Windmill
Folklore Museum
Traditional life is presented within an old town house.
Mining Museum - Karamitsos Windmill
Mining Museum
The museum features exhibits from the mineral resources on the island, its mining history and activities from Neolithic era until today.
Ancient Roman Amphitheater - Karamitsos Windmill
Ancient Roman Amphitheater
Made of marble the theater overlook the sea and features excellent acoustics.