Beaches | Windmill Milos
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​Swim in the crystal clear waters of Milos and soak up the sun on its golden sand beaches for an unforgettable holiday! See the best beaches in Milos below:

  • Kleftiko

    A magical complex of volcanic rocks accessible only by sea.

  • Sarakiniko

    The famous and unique lunar beach of Milos.

  • Paliochori

    The scorching sand will amaze you (65-92 degrees Celsius)!

  • Tsigrado

    Access to this beach is only available walking down a narrow pathway, holding yourself from a rope. The crystal clear water will pay you off for sure though!

  • Triades

    A complex of three beaches in the west of Milos. The landscape is unique.

  • Theiorichia

    Combine your refreshing dips in crystal clear waters with one the most impressive geological attractions, relative to the rich mining history of Milos.

  • Alogomandra

    The turquoise-water pool of Milos!

  • Kastanas

    Rocky beach with crystal clear waters reflecting spectacular colors, in the northern part of Milos.

  • Papafragas

    Crystalline waters of changing colours welcome the visitor and invite him to enjoy their coolness.